The calm invades me
Like a storm embracing the ocean
And revving it up into waves of lucid madness
Deep down in this wondrous space of salt and seaweed
I find the peace that evades my mind when I’m on solid ground
Floating inside the fluid emptiness of water
I look around, then within
My heart comes out to meet the darkness that surrounds
Black and black together make stars
I close my eyes for a moment
I listen
The sound of my voice when I screamed freedom and tore my lungs, shredded
No breath
Silence dawns and drowns
Blurred images of far away
Mirror like flashes of memory
Illuminating something that breaks easily
Colored glass, bits of a shattered rainbow
My music is inside my bones
No one can hear
No one can play
But still I hum, I come a little close
Perhaps the world exists on the other side of the sea shore
And I am safe here, amidst the flow

Arwa Qutbuddin

Arwa Qutbuddin is a poet, a nature-lover, a soul-searcher, and a philosopher, and is inspired by the strength of the human spirit. She loves hugging trees and thrives on building relationships. She comes from the Muslim Bohra community and feels blessed to have received the gift of sincerity and spirituality from her parents. She is a mother of five beautiful children. Writing poetry has been her passion; she writes to heal, to feel and explore the world of feelings, to appreciate and bow to life’s mystery: the light and the darkness. Her recently published collection of poems, Water my Soul, is a reflection of her inner journey. She is a student of the Masters program in Psychology at the Harvard Extension School, and the Mindfulness program at Lesley University. As a teacher of Islamic philosophy, she is inspired to explore the practice of Mindfulness and Positive psychology as tools for healing and bridging the gap between religion/spirituality and science.


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