Four Hands
Four Hands

Four hands divided by two
Sprawl across bass and treble and the space between.

Four hands means
Twenty fingers moving in tandem and all for
One song.

Play passing the parcel with one line of notes surging through these
Dancing fingers.

There is no room to breathe because these
Four hands have used up all the air, and
Any extra beneath the blacks.

Four hands acrobat across ivory
And the distance from the
First to eighty eighth key doesn’t seem like an ocean anymore.

All four hands don’t always play at the same time —
You rest while I run and draw a melody into the atmosphere.

One hand writes poetry and two make a song but
Four hands tie a thread around staves that tell stories that never existed.

Can we please carve four bars of music under the bench of this
Instrument and
Return when we have four hands to play them to life?


Sanaya is a lawyer in Bombay. She currently spends most of her time reading and drafting documents. If she’s not doing that, she’s playing music, writing, or planning what to eat, next.


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