Genuine praise
Genuine praise
What is my way to praise?
To turn towards my one who hates
This part of me that gives up and lies down and accepts death so easily
I say I want to understand the disconnected
I say I want to understand my disconnected self
I want to know why it makes me cry just at the mere sight of her  crumpled form on the cold wet pavement
And how the power of her rage scares me and makes me want to run
She says how dare you ever think of leaving me even for a moment
You fraud
With all your love talk and talk of God, grace and longing
I am right here in the gutter
Bend on your knees and face me and say I am truly sorry
And mabye then we shall see if there is anything or something
Only then do I feel your genuine praise

Maura Horkan

Maura lives in the west of Ireland. She is a mother, psychotherapist and group facilitator. She is deeply committed to the idea of supporting people to find their own self expression as a way to self care and connect more deeply with themselves and others.


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