Glass rose
Glass rose

you used to use your thorns
to protect the glass casing that you were in from breaking
but soon your fragile shell was shattered
and the shards of glass pierced your velvet petals
and the sap in your veins cried in agony…
but over time you learnt to coexist with the pain
and those sharp edges that once hurt you
now shone, and sparkled
glimmering in the light…
and you realised
you were NOT the glass
not fragile..
but you had the power to blossom…
and bloom so your fragrance could be felt
and your petals could radiate colours of strength and grace
red with specks of gold
and you saw that you were more than just a rose
you were a glass rose…
and you were finally alive


After spending 15 years on this earth I have begun to understand the seasons…
Sometimes I’m like the seasons…constantly changing but usually predictable…
But most of the times I’m like the water… moving, flowing, discovering new paths… brimmed to the top with poetry, life and curiosity… learning the old philosophies of the lands I travel through and capturing them as art.




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