I Sit Silent in My Chair
I Sit Silent in My Chair

I sit silent in my chair

Poised with pen and paper

All eyes and ears

Waiting to catch a glimmer

Or the faintest whisper

Of the Eternal


And all around me

Chirping birds, flowing water

Rustling leaves, drizzling rain

Distract and divert

Dissuade and derail me

And I achieve, or so it seems


Life, the universe


A grand conspiracy

Overrules my negation

Overwhelms my senses

I am drowned

In a deluge of Being

My peace and quiet

My inner solitude

My silent core

All are hushed by the roaring tumult

Of Life, the universe


Even the solitary flame within

Quenched by the fiery glow

Of a thousand splendid suns

Blazing forth forever

Life, the universe


Have consumed me completely

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide

There is no outer world

There is no me inside

Only sitting and flowing

Silence and chirping

Paper and leaves

Drizzling and blazing

Nothing and everything

Life, the universe and I are One.

Gaurav Mathur

Gaurav Mathur, MD, is a poet, philosopher and cardiologist who loves to explore the core of every issue, the heart of the matter. He lives in Florida with his wife who is a psychiatrist and two lovely children.


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