Perhaps we need to shatter and scatter so that we may trace our way back inward slowly – breath by breath – into the wholeness of existence

And as we rest awhile, before breaking once more, your shadow touches my silhouette under the moonlight and the wind whispers the night song of awakening into the ears of the tree that we jointly lean upon, and our spirits dance fleetingly for just a few moments as we become a little more whole

Perhaps we need to fall apart, and into each other, time and again, in order to walk our path – step by step – back to togetherness

And as we walk – you and I – we might want to hold hands, interlace our fingers and breathe in rhythm such that your edge meets my tender-heartedness and softens and my wound bleeds into your belly full of love and heals

Perhaps it will always be this way
Just like night follows day and darkens one side of the world

Until dawn breaks and leaves the other side dusky, awaiting the crescent moon
Perhaps we are called to serenade the coming of white winter with as much fervour as which we celebrate the blooming of colours in spring

Perhaps this constant, cyclical change is meant to be – within and without, a continuous movement towards something that is beyond the constraints of space and time

Beyond the notions of life and death
Beyond the boundaries of you and me

Arwa Qutbuddin

Arwa Qutbuddin is a poet, a nature-lover, a soul-searcher, and a philosopher, and is inspired by the strength of the human spirit. She loves hugging trees and thrives on building relationships. She comes from the Muslim Bohra community and feels blessed to have received the gift of sincerity and spirituality from her parents. She is a mother of five beautiful children. Writing poetry has been her passion; she writes to heal, to feel and explore the world of feelings, to appreciate and bow to life’s mystery: the light and the darkness. Her recently published collection of poems, Water my Soul, is a reflection of her inner journey. She is a student of the Masters program in Psychology at the Harvard Extension School, and the Mindfulness program at Lesley University. As a teacher of Islamic philosophy, she is inspired to explore the practice of Mindfulness and Positive psychology as tools for healing and bridging the gap between religion/spirituality and science.


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