Still children seeking their way home
Still children seeking their way home

We are grown people we claim.
To prove it our lips form a tight line,
our faces show wrinkles
which remind us of years of
crying after lost loves,
burying friends,
holding babies,
doing the washing and cooking.

Behind all the pretence, the masks,
the make up to cover the sharp lines,
one child meeting another,
forever trembling,
hoping to make sense.

We are grown people we claim
but deep down, if only we had eyes to see,
we are still children seeking our way home.


– –

Poems chosen from an anthology of poems called ‘For Crying Out Loud – Voice of an Exile’, published early 2016.


Bettina John von Freyend-Peterseil was born at the end of the 2nd World War in Germany. She exiled herself early on, travelling the world, never able to settle anywhere for long. She now lives in the West of Ireland, where she and her husband built their home, raised their children and tended the land. She has been teaching, writing and in the past 15 years creating her collage work.

The poetry compilation ‘For Crying Out Loud- voice of an exile’ comes at a time when globally people are forced to move on a large scale. Bettina offers a personal account of the mindset of a self imposed exile. She reveals her disconnection and her longing to belong mirroring a world also steeped in separation.



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धड़कते दिलों की एक किताब

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All That is Given

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