The Grand Mystique

Cheryl Cobern Browne

Cheryl Cobern Browne is a mixed media artist living in the west of Ireland. Her artwork reflects an inner rhythm, captured in the words of her poems. She is the author of the children’s book “Handlebars, an Irish Goat” and a frequent contributor to arts and craft magazines.


सब लुट गया तो क्या, तू अब भी है

Poetry by Omendra Ratnu

सब लुट गया तो क्या, तू अब भी है, अँधेरी रातों में तेरी महक अब भी है !   टूटती नहीं ये खुमारी क्या करें, वजूद में मेरे घुली मिली,...
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In Between

Poetry by Sanaya

I live in the space between sound I live where you can’t hear the sound of your heart beat I live in pause and rest I live between the staccato...
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Such total giving

Poetry by Pariksith Singh

Such total giving Back to you, the world Down to the marrow, the bones Such complete shedding of me Purge of will Adoration so deep it becomes surrender Submission such...
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