Thought and its Futility
Thought and its Futility

Thought and its futility

Are seen

Desire and its pointlessness

Are seen

Fear and its subsidence

Are seen

The unwavering flame of attention

Engulfs all that is

Mind is still, void of content

Ego sinks back in quiet repose

To its source

All is as is

Naturally at ease

And the Self is all there is

A presence within and all around

The benevolent monarch

Calm and eternal

Patient and gentle

Soft and subtle

All-pervading, yet untouched

Creator, mover and destroyer

Of worlds upon worlds

Which are all but itself

Playing with itself

The raas of Krishna

And Shiva’s tandav

Are one cosmic dance

Of the unmoving Self

Gaurav Mathur

Gaurav Mathur, MD, is a poet, philosopher and cardiologist who loves to explore the core of every issue, the heart of the matter. He lives in Florida with his wife who is a psychiatrist and two lovely children.


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