Welcome to the Literary Forum!

The Literary Forum is a global multimedia platform for literature and the arts.

We want to bring to this Forum expressions of human creativity in all forms, formats and languages from all over the world. We want to rekindle the human spirit in this age of overwhelming materialism, celebrate quality in a culture driven by numbers and profits, and enjoy the quiet delight of the spirit in these times of incessant clamor and confusion.

Ours is not a lone initiative. There are groups and individuals all over the planet who are also coming together in various ways and formats to create this counter-culture, to reawaken the human spirit, and to rise above all the divisive noise of politics and religions and rest more securely in a deeper human unity.

Will you join us? Will you participate in this new adventure of mind and spirit?

To become part of the Literary Forum, write to us at editors@literaryforum.org

You can participate in many ways — as original contributors, as curators of quality works in literature and the arts in your community, as critics and reviewers, as friends and advisors. You can also contribute resources and help us generate funds.

Or just be part of the Forum and enjoy the spirit!

For Contributing Articles, Poems, Short Stories and Essays:

  1. Please upload your contribution as PDF on our website
  2. Our editorial team will assess your contribution and publish on the website with full acknowledgement to the author / poet. We will also be happy to include a brief note on the author / poet along with his / her contribution
  3. Each week, TLF will feature the best contributions as Editor’s Pick
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