Events and Programs Kaavya Jaipur Dialogues

Kaavya Jaipur Dialogues

October 27 - 29, 2018

Hotel Clarks Amer, Jaipur, Jln Marg

Kaavya Jaipur Dialogues is an endeavor to bring the best minds together for in-depth exchanges of thoughts and ideas. Dialogues address deeper issues of the country, its vast culture, history and enduring spiritual ... heritage are discussed, examined and freely debated with relevance to the entire world and crucial current events. Subjects cover a wide range from political, economic, military, artistic, philosophical and scientific concerns, with respect for the dharmic traditions of the region, is unique and transformative.

Jaipur Dialogues features original thinkers, bold leaders, incisive writers and contemplative visionaries from several different fields who challenge the stereotypes, boundaries and prejudices that too commonly characterize and diminish intellectual and literary discourse in India. Its aim is not just to uphold the usual vested interests and their circumscribed views but to breakthrough into new areas of exploration and insight that expand our human potentials in a qualitative manner. I have been honored to be part of its growth and development of the dialogues and to see how in a few years it has made such a powerful impact on the intellectual climate of the region.

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