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Short Stories in Performance

December 12, 2018

DLF Place Mall, Om Book Shop, Saket

The Kaavya Foundation, in collaboration with the Om Book Store organised an evening of Short Stories in Performance. The performers were Nicky Chandam, Founder of The Octave Foundation WARI ... and Sumit Chaudhary, a software engineer who translates and writes short stories.

Nicky Chandam performed an Indian Folk story, which she has translated. Her story dealt with how stories have a life and mind of their own. She also recited a poem titled, Aadmi Nama by Nazir Akbarabadi.

Sumit Chaudhary read a story written by him, titled, ‘Like Your French Girls’. The story revolved around a young man who befriends a young woman who is a budding artist and their interactions and the complexities of friendship. He says he is influenced by the works of Virginia Woolf, James Joyce and several others.

The performances were enjoyed by the audience. Mr. Priyadarshi wanted to know Nicky Chandam’s views on the dying art of Afsaanagoi. Nicky responded by saying that though the art form flourished in the Indian sub-continent in the 19th century, it is said to have died with the demise of Mir Baqar Ali in 1928. Many people are reviving the lost art again.



Nicky Chandam is an emerging writer, poet, curator, photographer, producer, and passionate stories-seeker. She is an avid chronicler of arts through her photographs and words. Originally from Manipur, she is a now a Dehalvi after having lived in Delhi for more than a decade. She has been actively engaged in the Delhi Arts and Culture scene for more than 7 years as a photo enthusiast, covering performance spaces.

She is the Founder and Director of Octave Foundation, which aims to provide platforms of convergence to celebrate ethnic diversities that build our cultural ethos. She strongly believes that stories can bring people together. Stories have been traveling for centuries across multiple borders without any visa or passport and hence, stories will bring down the walls existing between people of different communities.



Sumit Chaudhary is a poet and a short story writer from Rajasthan who lives in Delhi. He is a graduate from IIT Delhi and worked as a programmer for a few years before deciding to devote his time to learning the craft of writing. He is a member of the Poetry collective, ‘The Rhyme Republic’. His areas of interest include modernist liteature, Indian writing in English and translating Rajasthani literature into English. He loves coding, dancing and playing the violin.


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