As you moved farther away, Krishna

As you moved farther away, Krishna

As you moved farther away, Krishna
You came closer
And the quieter I became
The more intense our dance

No longer relying on experience
To feel your nearness
I have come to know that
Which transcends all sense

And Radha has grown
Free of you though one
The more you tease
The more settled our romance

While churning the buttermilk today
I realized it was Krishna
Who pulled the cord as I
And who tasted the butter for you

And it was Krishna
Who danced in a pirouette butter-stained
While Radha swung as a puppet on string
With your tugs at the heart

A fawn grazing
By the field
Remembers your beauty
As it looks at my eyes like his

And the world is enchanted
By your mesmerizing face
Playing hide and seek
In each appearance

But those who know your truth
Are not so easily
Fooled or tempted
Each appearance or sense is you

The paradox of our love
Is resolved by your presence
Replacing you and I

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