All turns into gold

All turns into gold

All turns into gold

This body by the quiet hermitage
Transparent and old

The breeze flows through it
Sun-rays form patterns
On the ground
As they pass through
Its faint outline

Somehow it appears
That you are still playing by
And your flute could sound
The woods any time

Any moment we may find
The cows returning home
To your raga shruti

I am told you have passed on
But I am still here
So it can’t be true
They used to say the same about me
That I have given up the world

But Radha is still here
Still in oneness
Dancing with my Krishna
By the sanctuary away from the village

And on the night of Full Moon
It may yet be seen

The golden-blue frame
Dancing with ours
To all to each
Yet the same

And as my breaths grow dim
By the hushed trees
The breeze picks up again

And I return
To where I have been for years
By the eye of the Full Moon

A seed of light
In gold-white womb
A diamond flame
Dancing eternally in the wind

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