I took your flute

I took your flute

I took your flute
And threw it away
Somewhere in the woods
Unknown to you

And what did you do?
You stood there and smiled
Giggled almost
At my mischievous ways

As if you knew what I did
Then in a moment’s impulse
That is yet a blur
You reached forward suddenly

And kissed me
Lip to lip

I have yet to regain
That old self
I knew as I
That partial bliss

Now you play the flute
Of this emptiness
Caught in a reed

The limbs hear your melody
Note by note
The trees and beasts
Whirl with star and moon

Move to the unheard
Silence I hold within
There is nowhere to go
But be the plaything

Of your music
What I took away
From you with nonchalance
You turned into me

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