There was a boy I loved once

There was a boy I loved once

There was a boy I loved once

All space was his temple
Each object an idol

The white river an apt altar
For his silver bearing

Behind each surface rose a laughter
And grew deeper intenser
Until the world became an explosion of Ananda

And the sand that deleted memory
Reminded of him dark-skinned

He moved the mind as breeze
And made of flesh the Sun

Waves flowed through fingers
As golden rays through me

I wore his golden crown
Adorned my hair
With peacock plume

Stuck the flute in my waist-band
And in a surge of identity
Danced in the moonlight
As innumerable butterflies in groves at bloom
With countless gopis

Being with each completely
While being with all

Without choice
Nor of compulsion or boundary
But as the universal
And limitless

How could you act
When you were the doer
And the done?

How could you be
When you were
The all and the alone?

In a look
In a glance
I saw his world

In a note heard
The entire range of harmonies

In my gaze as he
The seer and seen were one

There was no knowing
Where one begins
Or ends
My words were heard
On his lips
My dance manifested
In his effervescence

And all these things
I could not speak with my eyes
I have found the words

There was a boy I loved once

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